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This is a section for all upcoming events or news about the company or staff so come often for updates!
November 26th [2005]
Well as some of my staff may know it is my [President] Birthday Thursday December 1st.
December 1st [2005]
Its the presidnts 13th Birthday today :)
Also the president gets his dog back from the
vet today after Quila went to get fixedNovember 30th [2005]
December 16th [2005]
Wow only 9 more days till Christmas and 6 more days
of school till the break I think thats pretty awsome.
December 20th [2005]
C.D. I am getting alot of songs lately but i need to put them on a
C.D. i want to make a Christmas 2005 C.D. but i only have 5 more days and i don't have
many Christmas songs to put on it. If I don't make a Christmas C.D. I will still try to
 make a C.D. soon I will post if I get any.
December 25th [2005]
Merry Christmas to all today is the day that Christ
 was born and a day of gift giving have a fun filled Holiday and all the best in the
new year.

Remeber come check this section often for more news.

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