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The files listed below are some of the sprites i use to make sprite comics and sprite images. By clicking the text of the sprites you want it will start a quick download giving you access to use them. Note: if you download the sprites you will not get a virus or anything because I took the sprites directly from my studio. If u use the sprites send me an e-mail at just letting me know that you used them so i know that i am making people happy and not just wasting my time and space posting them on my website.I have also added the song live and learn [the song on the homepage] feel free to download that aswell Thanx :)
Now when the screen with the sprites on it pops up put your mouse cursor at the bottom right corner and a little box with 4 arrows will pop up when that happens click the box so the image gets bigger then right click anywhere on the image and hit copy, once you have done that open paint on your computer select the box tool [2nd tool at the top] and right click the screen on paint the press paste the sprites will be there and you will be redy to use them.

click here to download sonic sprites

click here to download knukles and misc sprites

click here to download tails sprites

click here to download amy sprites

click here to download skateboard sprites

click here to download live and learn [the song on my homepage]

I would like to give credit to my best friend mewgle for giving me the skateboarding sprites, Thank you Mewgle, I hope you all the sprites given thanx!

Give me credit for what you use